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So as you can clearly see, Azumi enjoys fucking on the bus. She has lot’s of movies with this topic, and she for sure can tell you many stories how she was driving to the work place, and she got fucked in the train station :) Well, what can you expect when you dress so sexy? I would probably fuck the girl too, if only I had a chance! In any case, hopefully you will find something that suit your needs. Mizushima can be a real diamond if you know from which side to look at her!

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Once again, a girl fucked in the bus. Since buses in Japan are incredibly crowded, some girls get groped very easily. And when you start with groping.. it’s hard to stop, as your dick is already hard in your pants, and you simply need that action! When you see a girl like Azumi Mizushima, she then takes down your pants and starts sucking your dick.. First she pretends that she doesn’t like it, but oh man, she likes it a lot! She knows that the best taste of dick is when the guy is all sweaty and horny.. And that’s what usually happens right, in the crowded bus?

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It’s amazing, that girl has so nice ass that everyone, including you, wanna fuck her! She has so beautiful poopie, I’m wondering why nobody from your friends have fucked her? Is it because you are not from Japan? Ahh, ok :) Well, hopefully you can travel to Japan someday and fuck a girl like Azumi Mizushima. It would be very nice, what do you think? Whole bus is fucking one single girl, and anyone can participate in that.. I wish I could too! My dick is so ready for that, it was never more ready than today..

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So the girl has really nice cheeks on her ass. It’s like her main business card. She can show it to anyone, and she knows that instantly man wants her. She don’t have to wait or something. If she wanna be fucked, she can be right away. Just imagine if you had such power.. If you just showed your dick to the girl that attracts you, and that’s it! The next moment you see her jumping on your wet, slurry dick.. I hope you will find this message important to you. If not, and you just came her looking for some videos.. Join the allJapanesepass by clicking on the images!

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